Holiday Spirit

As we wrap up the year and get ready for the holidays, I cannot contain my excitement. Bringing our jobs to a close, families gathering up for the holidays… The mood is setting in and I can feel the holiday spirit slowly settling in me. I can’t wait for the last day of work so I can reboot into serious holiday mode!

The best part has to be coming together with my big family and enjoying each other’s company. We do this by having lunch and dinner on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day to make the most of the celebrations.

This outfit is the perfect definition of less is more. Super simple, like something I would wear to work. Nevertheless, it oozes elegance and sophistication with its figure-hugging but comfortable black lace skirt from MRP and green top that brightens the outfit.

As the cherry on top is my secret tip: nude heels. They go well will nearly all outfits and they are stunning, to say the least.

To all those celebrating Christmas, Merry Merry X-mas! x x x

Top – Woolworths; Skirt – MRP; Heels Woolworths; Lipstick – MAC

These glamorous photos were taken by Terry. Terry is an amateur photographer in his free time and is the owner of a swimming pool resurfacing company in Dallas, Texas.

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