10 Stylish and Chic Blazer Outfits for Women

The right blazer combinations look amazing on women. However, striking the right balance when it comes to wearing a blazer is incredibly tricky. You want to convey the right image when wearing this type of outfit, which can be difficult if you’re not used to wearing blazers. Thankfully, here are 10 stylish and chic blazer outfits for women you should consider.

1: Bright Colored Blazer and Graphic T-Shirt

One combination you should consider is wearing a bright colored blazer with a graphic t-shirt. This combo is suitable for casual occasions where you want to present an image of being bright, bubbly, and approachable. The blazer makes you look stylish, but the bright coloring makes you seem nice and casual at the same time. The graphic t-shirt also adds to the casual and cool vibe you’re looking to achieve by wearing this outfit. Sunny afternoons with friends is a great time to try out this outfit.

2: Black Blazer and Skinny Jeans

A striking yet casual combo is wearing a black blazer with skinny jeans. Black is an incredibly formal and strong color, which means you will definitely make a statement by wearing a black blazer. However, you’ll tastefully offset the bold nature of the black blazer through the casualness of skinny jeans.

3: Silk Blazer and Black Jeans

Silk is a tremendously luxurious fabric, which definitely gives you a classy look when worn. Matching a silk blazer with striking black jeans will attract the right kind of attention towards you. Consider the combo for parties and other occasions that happen during the night.

4: Beige Blazer and White T-Shirt

If you’re looking for something a bit more professional, yet stylish, you should consider wearing a beige blazer with a white t-shirt. The beige color of the blazer is fairly neutral, allowing you to bring more attention to other things you’re wearing. At the same time, the very fact that you’re wearing a blazer adds a lot of flavor to your outfit. The white t-shirt is once again a classic and neutral option that makes the outfit a little bit more formal, yet still casual. This outfit is very versatile and suitable for many different occasions.

5: Animal Print Blazer and Skinny Jeans

Animal prints like leopard print really add a lot of flair to your outfit. Combining an exotic animal print blazer with cool skinny jeans is the perfect way to achieve a rockstar look.

6: Charcoal Blazer and Grey Shirt

If you want to look as professional as possible, there’s no better combo than a charcoal blazer with a grey shirt. Charcoal and grey are both understated colors that work well in formal situations.

7: Cashmere Blazer and White Pants

If you want to look as classy as possible, you should definitely consider matching a cashmere blazer with stylish white pants. Cashmere is a material that’s the definition of class and luxury. When cashmere is paired with a neutral yet impressive color like white, you’ll look very elegant.

8: Navy Blazer and Tan Colored Shirt

For something a little bit more professional, you should consider getting a navy blazer matched with a tan-colored shirt. Navy is a color that is incredibly common amongst suits for men, which makes wearing one much more formal than other common blazer colors available. The tan-colored shirt perfectly pairs with the striking and formal nature of the navy blazer.

9: Pink Blazer and White Shirt

Pink is a striking color that always looks good on women. The impressive image of wearing a pink blazer is elegantly combined with the neutral nature of a white shirt. The combo makes you very chic, especially in seaside settings.

10: White Blazer and Spotted Shirt

White blazers look very professional and posh when worn, which is why it pairs perfectly with a spotted shirt. You’ll achieve both a professional look, as well as a vibrant and casual look when you wear this combo.

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Little Black Dress

Formal occasions are always fun, I really enjoy getting dressed up every now and again. This gorgeous LBD from ICECHERRY is something I would wear to an evening occasion, but with the right accessories, you can pretty much do anything you want with a little black dress.

When it comes to buying a dress for formal occasions, I always think about how I could incorporate it into my everyday life, whether it be going to dinner or even to work. I prefer to buy things that I can tailor wear over and over again. There are of course those times when you need a one-of-a-kind though, and that’s a different story all together.

This dress instantly caught my eye, the detailing is exquisite, while the fit is amazing. I don’t always feel comfortable wearing super tight clothing, so I like how this dress flares below the waistline, while it is beautifully fitted in the waist. It’s always good to personalise your look, which for me, extends to my accessories, hair and lip colour. These feminine, yet edgy heels are incredible. The lace uppers adorned in stud detailing really makes for a unique finish. When it comes to my hair, it’s usually down, either straight or in curls, but on the rare occasion, I like putting it up. Lip colour is really a personal preference, I try to stick with less is more, so I will choose to either have striking eyes or lips. To complete any formal look, a clutch is a must. This compact, diamante embellished clutch does wonders to finish off this ensemble.

Have a wonderful day! x x

Dress – ICECHERRY; Tights – Woolworths; Shoes – ICECHERRY; Clutch – Forever New; Lipstick – MAC Huggable Lipcolour Commotion


Holiday Spirit

As work wraps up for the year and family starts coming together, the holiday spirit is finally getting to me. I can’t wait for my last day at work for the year, and to get into serious holiday mode. I celebrate both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because I have a big family and we like to have a dinner and a lunch, making the most of the holiday and each others company.

This outfit is super simple and something I would wear to work, it’s no fuss yet offers a sophisticated finish. I love this black lace skirt from MRP, it’s figure hugging but not uncomfortably so, while this green top instantly brightens up the whole look. Nude heels will forever be a closet staple for me; I think they beautifully compliment a wide variety of outfits.

To all those celebrating Christmas, may you have a Merry Christmas! x x x

Top – Woolworths; Skirt – MRP; Heels Woolworths; Lipstick – MAC


MBFWCT Closing Night – Klûk CGDT

On Saturday, 26th July, I attended the closing night for MBFWCT, and what a treat it was. The Klûk CGDT fashion installation was amazing – unique and inspiring, to say the least. The new, three-storey store on Bree Street was host to the lavish and extravagant event, which gave the evening an exclusive feel.

My favourite area was on the second storey, which included the bridal section; I was in awe of the gowns on display. The other pieces throughout the store incorporated pops of print, along with eclectic colour schemes. Overall, it was a combination of eccentric pieces mixed amongst classically, elegant pieces with a twist.

Fab evening out with wonderful people! Thank you to everyone who put this excellent event together x x x

Images – Simon Deiner / SDR Photo



This year I have stocked my wardrobe with printed items, I was never really into prints before the past few months; I have always preferred simple lines with a minimal aesthetic.

Leopard print for every day wear is a new one for me, and this bold, three quarter top from Woolworths is lightweight and can be worn with shorts, jeans or leggings (I am all for versatility). These heeled booties are one of my favourite pairs of heels, they can look cute or demure, depending how I style them. I am loving larger neck pieces and this ASCH necklace showcases the most beautiful floral embellishment, which made it a must-have for me.

Short and sweet for today! Have a wonderful day x x x


Top – Woolworths; Pants – Zara; Heels – Zoom; Necklace – ASCH (Available at Zando); Lipstick – MAC